Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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The holidays are here let A-1 Balloon and Search Light Rentals help you out! 407-354-2300! Are you having a party or big event? We can provide you with search lights. We now have single beam, 2 beam, and 4 beam lights. We have Sky Trackers, Ad-Lights, and Sky-Cannons Attract people from miles away. Call us for that final touch for that memorable event. We serve all of Central Florida, as well as the following cities:


Fort Myers



Ft. Lauderdale

West Palm Beach

St. Augustine




Plus all cities in between!

Our advertising inflatable's are still a favorite! Rent one of our giant gorillas, big and bold enough to capture the attention of many roadside travelers. Try out our inflatable cow, the newest one of the bunch. We are now offering slightly bigger banners as well! Having a grand opening we have all the supplies needed to get your business noticed by thousands.

We have a very dependable staff that will make sure all your advertising needs are met with the best customer service! We are now offering best price guaranteed to everyone in Central Florida! Please give us a call today at 407-354-2300 or visit us at www.a1balloonrental.com and www.floridaledsign.com Hope to hear from you soon!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

407-354-2300 www.a1balloonrental.com Searchlight & LED Trailer Sign and cloud busters and pennant flags advertising balloons

A-1 Giant Balloon and Searchlight Rentals is proud to acquire some led trailer signs that we can set up in Orlando, Miami, Ocala, Tampa, St. Augustine, and all of central florida.  These signs are awesome because they can say anything you want to and promote your events day or night.  They are like programmable billboards that you can afford to rent.  We are offering as a promotion a Best Price Guarantee in Central florida.  We have most type of searchlights available,  from the 4 beam skytracker, adlight, skyview spotlight, 2 beam xenon skytracker trailer mounted lights.  We also are proud to promote skycannon searchlights to the southeast usa.  It has been amazing to see how much business we have been able to provide to the people who rent out lights and trailer signs that are led and digital billboards.  Also from Jacksonville to gainsville and west palm beach all the way over to ft. myers florida.  We are going strong on the advertising balloons because they are in your face as you drive down the road telling you to stop in and see what all the fuss is all about.  Call us at 407-354-2300 or visit our site online at www.a1balloonrental.com  Want to see the led trailer sign go to www.floridaledsign.com and check out all the specs and what it can do for your event and promotion.  If you want to realy get some attention then try to rent a giant gorilla advertising balloon for your rooftop and have the led sign out front and at night rent a skytracker searchlight and you will get plenty of interest for your event.  North florida or south florida it doesnt matter we can handle them all.  If you are a marketing person and need a reliable company who will show up when you need us, we are your company.   We also do sub contracting work for many of the companies in town and all over the southeast fl.  Give us a chance and we won't disappoint you.  407-354-2300