Saturday, December 26, 2015

Our searchlights were in Alvin and the chipmunks movie

Our lights were used in the Alvin and the chipmunk movie 2015.  They were in 2 different shots during the movie.   We just say the movie in Orlando FL and thought it was preaty good!!!!

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Whether your going to make a movie or promote your business we can help. We have many items for rent or sale.
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Give us a call for rentals across Florida and remember we also have balloons, banners, flags, tents, signs and many types of items that can make your event a success...

Monday, August 17, 2015


Did you happen to see the searchlights in St Augustine over the weekend?  The event was great and hoped you stopped by.  

These lights are attracting people driving around and getting the attention you are looking for.

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To get you the setup and figure out the best package for you. 

Also if you need some additional day time attention then look at our cloudbusters that we have been doing for home builders and grand opening stores.  They are a great way to get people to stop by and see what is going on.  Whatever kind of promotional outdoor advertising you need we can help you with that. Our huge inventory of balloons, flags,  lights, air dancer men,  confetti cannons, pennant lines, photo booth or what ever you need for your event.


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Thursday, August 13, 2015


driving down the road you see a giant orange T Rex balloonwaving everybody in for the huge tire sale everybody is having.  these advertising inflatables draw in customers like a blue light at night Attracts flies.  if you want to rent one of our search lights for your nighttime event call us because those drawing people that are wondering what's going on over there.  

you need something For your  grand opening or huge sale give us a call at 407 354 2300.
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

West Palm Beach was ROCKING Last night from the skytracker spotlight 407-354-2300

HEY JOHN did you see those spotlights we have in West Palm Florida last night.  We were bringing  them in from that critical couple miles around the outdoor event.  They were coming in like flies headed to that blue bug zapper.   They were mezmorised and awe struck to watch the clover leaf patter patented by skytracker searchlights.  When the lights were rented and A1 Balloon and Searchlight Rental set them up we received comments about being early not just ontime!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Go figure that some mom and pop guys show up late?   West palm beach is one of my favorite places to relax when we are working at night.  You can just sit outside at a restraunte and watch the lights go round and round.  The business that rented the lights are happy from all the business and were happy for having another repeat customer call us because he knows we have the best searchlights and the BEST PRICE GUARANTEE!!  When the show was over and we were headed back to Orlando Florida i smiled that we are growing and still we are the biggest searchlight company in the Southeast USA.  Mabey in the Country?  
Give us a call because we will treat you with respect and get you the lights you need.  We will not call you last minute and say sorry someone else offered me a little more money to rent your light!  We don't have a couple lights!! We have MANY SKYTRACKER SEARCHLIGHTS and have done Basicaly every professional sports teams in Florida.  From Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, St Pete, Clearwater, St lucie, palm coast, Daytona, Deland, Deltona and sanford.  No mickey mouse company here.  Call and find out why   407-354-2300

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Last Friday we killed it in Jackosnvile florida with skytracker spotlights advertising 407-354-2300

Last friday we were downtown jacksonville fl with our searchlight advertising and just blew the doors off the place.  The promoter said that last time he had a person saying he had searchlights and came in a van and pulled out of the van a couple lights and some extension cords and was setting up!!!   The promoter asked where were the skytracker search lights and he didn't want these toys.
Long story short we got another customer for life after he was tricked into renting some plug in lights sitting on the ground.  This was just another success story for us in an awesome city like Jacksonville Fl.
If you have any doubts like what will you get when we show up or what type of lights we will bring just look on our website at WWW.a1balloonrental.com and these are not photoshopped out the wazoo pictures.  We willl also go to Tampa, Miami, Melbourne, West Palm Beach, Ocala, Orlando!!!! Georgia is also not a problem.  We will service your event like we put up the money and we will make this thing a success!!!  No van, no phone gimmicks, no lies about how big we are just real facts about our skytrackers search light and we put our money in the lights to let you rent because this is what we are about in central florida and georgia.    Plus if you want a single beam because of budget we have more of those than anyone else in Florida.  Plus BEST PRICE GUARANTEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 407-354-2300

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer time sale with Advertising balloons 407-354-2300

Summer time is here in Orlando Fl.  and if you don't believe me just go outside near the orange county convention center and feel the 99 degree heat.   Are your sign spinners dropping on the side of the road from heat stroke because that 25' hot air style advertising inflatable can stay up all day and not fall over from the heat or lightning.  We can also get you an illuminated sign that is either led or arrow style that you put the changeable letters on.  We at A1 Giant Balloon and Searchlight are here to help and get you the best price on all of your outdoor advertising needs and just call us if you happen to get a better price and we will beat it because we want ALL of your business and make us the one stop shop for advertising and unique items.  Have you seen our aligator that is 20' tall on the side of 17-92?  He is a huge attention getter especialy  if you are a fsu fan.  And there is also a blue mico gorilla out there that was stolen from an apopka tire store about a year ago that still hasn't come home so if you see him we are still willing to pay a reward to a bring him home.  His pink monkey princess that you can see on our website www.a1balloonrental.com cries at night saying she misses mico.  And while we are on the  subject we are waiting to have our 25' tire inflatable balloon to roll home as well.  I am not sure why people think it is easier to steal a balloon then to rent it or buy it.  33rd street is not worth it for me.  
This just in.   We offer photobooth rentals now!!!
We will give you the best price on a photo booth rental in central florida guaranteed..  just call us with your price and we will beat it.  also this is the best booth made in the usa and is not the cheap junk that people bring a tent and some pvc pipe and call it a photobooth.  We will send you free samples of the pictures it prints and let the quality speak for its self.  407-354-2300  and get the best fotobooth at your event, party, wedding, bar mitzfa, graduation, prom, home coming or birthday party.   And remember we will go to the entire state of Florida and every city including but not limited to tampa, orlando, miami, ocala, sanford, lakeland, melbourne, cocoa beach, daytona, deltona, deland, ft lauderdale, jacksonville, tallahassee, gainsville, plant city, windermere, metro west, conway, dr. phillips, miami beach, st pete, brooksville, longwood, lake mary, kissimmee, winter garden, clermont, and any other area in central florida.   

Monday, February 28, 2011

We will make an offer for your skytracker for sale!!!!

Have a searchlight sitting around that you want to sell? Or are you ready to upgrade your batman light?  We buy and sell USA made searchlights and will come and see what type of light you have and make a cash offer.  If you purchased a building and see something a four beam on  top of the building that rotates and lights up then we are interested in buying your search light.  We can buy non working lights also or help you fix yours to get your promotion up and running.  Did you rent skytrackers and are looking to retire or tired of running around at night trying to get the spot light running. Call us for a fair price.
Lights we Buy and Rent
Sky Tracker
Sky Cannon
Strong Lighting
Pro Light
We are here to help and get you a fair price to buy your light or sell you one of ours.  We sell new or used lights and can service what we sell.  We also buy lamps for the skytrackers and give you advice on the searchlight rental business.  Single Beam Promotional lights and party events need that hollywood effect to get the wow factor,  so phone us to sell your light or buy our searchlights or get a nightly rental price and we will rent you our search light. 

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