Friday, February 5, 2010

attn dan

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Ingrid Gross from Orange tree wants to know if you couold do the palms the wed u guys get back?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Follow us on facebook and twitter as we are Happy to be on them 407-354-2300 www.skytrackerfla.com

We are glad to keep everyone informed of specials and cool events we are involved in.  This is a H&R Block program we have been working on in Central Florida.  Call us at 407-354-2300 for sky dancers or led signs or giant balloon inflatable or even searchlight or batman light rentals.  We will go from south florida to georgia and probably beat your price and great service.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Advertising Tents are on their way in Orlando Florida and we are able to isntall all over central florida. 407-354-2300 www.giantballoonrental.com

Advertising Tents are on their way for RENT!!!!!  These things are huge and awesome!  WWW.A1BalloonRental.com  Want a tent sale in orlando or tampa?  These advertising items will work great.  Need to get traffic to turn into a parking lot to see what is going on then these will grab your attention.  407-354-2300 Call us to check colors and availability for your event and we will get you the best price and superior service for the BIG SALE!!!  Are you near Melbourne or Cocoa beach, Miami, Lakeland, Jacksonville, Ocala, Gainsville, Viera, St. pete, Clearwater, St. augustine, Kissimmee, St. cloud, Georgia, Port st lucie, Daytona, Deltona, Deland, Ft. lauderdale, Pompano or any other part or Florida.
If you still need Inflatable Advertisng Balloons or air dancers, Pennant flags, Search lights, skytracker lights for rent or sky guys for a party that you need to get attention.  WWW.Skytrackerfla.com We are ready to get your sale into position to get your numbers up and your competition scared.  The more you rent the better wholesale price we are able to give you and repeat customers are always taken care of.  If you add a tube man or helium balloon to a sale is only a little amount of money but gets big attention.
If you want a programmable led sign on a trailer so it can be moved from location to location, WE HAVE THEM!!!!!  FULL COLOR and the red led.  These can display hundreds of messages and get any message across you can think of.  They are not as much as you think they are and give us a call to get your low pricing.  We have rented these to all types of companies including BURGER KING, Mexican restrauntes, Jewelry stores, Many fairs and  TENT EVENTS all around Florida and south georgia.  WWW.GiantBalloonRental.com for all your needs.  We just got back from the IAPA and the IADA and had a blast, got some new ideas and ready to make some deals.