Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a1balloonrental@yahoo.com, 407-354-2300, search lights, led signs, giant inflatables, character balloons, serving all of florida



A Central Florida Company that specializes in helping businesses succeed in today's world with the best kind of advertising.  Advertising that is in your face! We are a local company providing great products, great customer service, and professionalism!




v     Cold-Air Inflatables

v     Airdancers

v     Cloudbusters

v     Pennant Lines

v     LED Signs

v     Searchlights

v     Sale Tubes

v     Helium Blimps

v     Helium Products

v     Digitally Printed Banners




v     Orlando

v     Ocala

v     Gainesville

v     Jacksonville

v     Tampa

v     Melbourne

v     West Palm Beach

v     Fort Myers

v     Miami



So the next time you are looking for advertising just call us @ 407-354-2300 or you can also visit us online @ www.a1balloonrental.com  or www.giantballoonrental.com and if you want to check out our LED Signs go to www.floridaledsign.com

Give us the opportunity to prove that we are the best! The most dependable! We do care about making your business grow and flourish!



Thursday, April 16, 2009

A-1 Balloon & Searchlight Rental,Cold-Air Inflatable’s, Searchlights, LED Signs, Swooper Flags, Cloudbusters,, Airdancers, Digitally Printed Banners, Pennant Lines,www.a1balloonrental.com or www.giantballoonrental.com,407-354-2300

A-1 Balloon & Searchlight Rental is the place to go for all your outdoor advertising needs. We specialize in many products, such as: Cold-Air Inflatable's, Searchlights, LED Signs, Swooper Flags, Cloudbusters,, Airdancers, Digitally Printed Banners, Pennant Lines, and MUCH MORE!!!!!


Summer time is moving in on us and that means you should increase your advertising!! Summer brings tourists and that means with the right products your traffic could increase dramatically. We offer an inexpensive way of doing that.  


If you're having a night event you could try one of our searchlights! We have 4 beams, 3 beams, 2 beams, and single beams. All of which will be sure to attract the passing on lookers from miles!!!


Our LED Signs are another fun and creative way to attract more business!! To take a look at all of our products just visit www.a1balloonrental.com or www.giantballoonrental..com

To make sure we have your product available call us in advance at 407-354-2300. We serve all of Florida!