Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tire dealers and Car dealers are renting these giant advertising inflatable balloons as fast as we can install them in central florida. STOLEN balloons, CASH REWARD!

www.skytrackerflorida.com Do you want a 25' cool cow for your next sales event?  We can put up a Sale Banner or Blowout Sale on this Giant inflatable.  This cow is going to Tampa for a huge tent sale!!!!  I'm not sure if it is a bull or heffer but as big and flashy as it is, it doesn't matter you will get all the attention you need. The people in lakeland or St. Pete can probably see him.  If a cow isn't your thing then we have a GREEN Gorilla waiting to come to you next event or party.  Your competitors will be green with envy after seeing this thing.  He is so green he almost glows in the dark!!!!!
www.Giantballoonrental.com  He is just waiting to go to Jacksonville or Ocala, Miami, Cocoa, Orlando, Ft. Pierce, Clearwater, Hialeah, Homosassa, Daytona, Sarasota, Deltona, Deland or he would even go to Melbourne.   And you thought you had a big head??  Look at him!!!
407-354-2300  will pay cash reward
also we have had MANY 1hp blowers stolen and any information to who or where they are will get CASH.
Search Lights Orlando Florida
Need a 4 beam searchlight? or Spot light?
Search Lights Orlando Florida
How about a Led Trailer Sign to RENT???  this is our sporty shorty!!! We have full color and Large Red led signs that lift higher to be seen over traffic!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Balloons have just arrived in Orlando, Tampa, Kissimmee, Melbourne with an American Eagle, Giant Tire, Huge Alligator "Gator", 25' Green Gorilla Monkey

Call us NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  407-354-2300  These new advertising balloons are Awesome and are ready to come to your Sale, Clearance Event, Grand Opening location.  We now have a 25' American Eagle, Green Gorilla, Alligator, Giant Tire  and also have all our other Inflatable Balloons available.  We go ALL over Florida from Orlando to Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Tampa, Ocala, Melbourne, Cocoa, Titusville, South Florida, Miami, West Palm Beach, Or Daytona.  We can cover most of Florida and definitely Central Florida!!!!!!!!  We can offer you Searchlight rentals for your midnight sales or we also have Giant programmable LED signs on trailers to put in front of your Business.. We have the 25' hot air balloon inflatables that we can put your custom message on it. 407-354-2300
WWW.A1BalloonRental.com  or WWW.SKYTRACKERFLORIDA.COM If you need it we can get it for you.   We have been helping out the car dealers with their cash for clunkers sales events and their midnight madness sales.  We are also helping out some of the Home Builders with their weekend sales events and many other promotions.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Giant Balloons for Rent are going gang busters along with Search Lights and LED signs

This 4th of July Holiday weekend is scheduled to be a HUGE time for us as we have a Large amount of our advertising balloons, air dancers, helium balloons, Mobile LED Signs, and searchlights reserved and ready to go.  We would like to thank all who have used our services including our balloon installations, advertising inflatables, searchlights and delivery of our programmable signs.  We recently had a huge response at the unveiling of the new Mercedes c class in Ft. Lauderdale when the sun went down and the searchlight could be seen for MILES!  I  was assured that their next event would certaintly include a skytracker searchlight. www.a1balloonrental.com  for all your balloon needs.
We have been all over Florida and even Georgia and Mississippi installing balloons for surf shops and car dealers who need that extra POP to keep them above the competition.  Our local Bennigan's resturaunte has been very pleased with the increased  drive in traffic from the New Full Color Led sign.  This trailer sign is moveable and able to be put most anywhere along the road as long as it is not in the dot's right of way.  Anything is good right now to get the customers you need to keep the doors open or stomp all over your competitor right down the street.  Balloons, balloons, balloons is what you need.  Unless you are having a midnight sales event and we can bring you the best night time promotional product available--- our Searchlights and Spot lights.  
www.skytrackerflorida.com  is where you can see what we have available for your night time sales.
If you want to see what our led signs look like then you need to go to www.mobileledsignrental.com  or www.floridaledsigns.com  because for drive by traffic these things work awesome.  For the price and reliabilty you can't beat these.  It is way cheaper than radio or tv and especialy the newspapers and people always remember where the giant gorilla or big balloon was.  Even where they saw the sale on the led sign they wanted to go to but had to drive by.   Don't waite till it's too late to get the people into your store!!! Whether you are in Orlando, Tampa, St Pete, Jacksonville, Ocala, or Gainsville.   If you are having an event and need some  outdoor advertising, then we are the people to call at 407-354-2300    Need Big, Bold, Flashy or just Huge give us a call because we can deliver.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Search Light and Skytracker promotional advertising in Central Florida

Searchlight advertising is still going strong even with the bad weather.  Search lights are bringing in the crowds at the music clubs and special events across Florida.  407-354-2300  is the number to get  the best price for daily or weekly pricing.  Palm Beach is a hot spot for night clubs along with Jacksonville for the car dealers.  Also advertising Gorilla inflatable balloons are a crowd pleaser for the tent events.   It has been amasing to see the reaction of people who show up to the sales and want a picture with the Monster Gorilla and text to their friends.  Also the programmable led trailer signs are renting strong especialy for the restrauntes having lunch specials and happy hour.  If you need anything for your event or want the best price possible call or check out our website at www.a1balloonrental.com or www.skytrackerfla.com for the Ultimate promotional item.  Need a sky full of helium  cloudbusters to get the people for a weekend event.  We have a 10pack killer pricing for the 5' helium advertising balloon with the pennant lines.  We go to all of Florida and parts of Georgia and the Carolina's even Alabama for the long term rentals.   If you want to buy or lease spotlights or led signs we can get them there and get you noticed.   Tampa and St. Petersburg is just a hop away and we can handle multiple events in a single night.  The superbowl was a huge event for us as we serviced a bunch of the local vendors and entertainers for the special events.  We can get your item up and running for the special events,,,,  call us at 407-354-2300!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a1balloonrental@yahoo.com, 407-354-2300, search lights, led signs, giant inflatables, character balloons, serving all of florida



A Central Florida Company that specializes in helping businesses succeed in today's world with the best kind of advertising.  Advertising that is in your face! We are a local company providing great products, great customer service, and professionalism!




v     Cold-Air Inflatables

v     Airdancers

v     Cloudbusters

v     Pennant Lines

v     LED Signs

v     Searchlights

v     Sale Tubes

v     Helium Blimps

v     Helium Products

v     Digitally Printed Banners




v     Orlando

v     Ocala

v     Gainesville

v     Jacksonville

v     Tampa

v     Melbourne

v     West Palm Beach

v     Fort Myers

v     Miami



So the next time you are looking for advertising just call us @ 407-354-2300 or you can also visit us online @ www.a1balloonrental.com  or www.giantballoonrental.com and if you want to check out our LED Signs go to www.floridaledsign.com

Give us the opportunity to prove that we are the best! The most dependable! We do care about making your business grow and flourish!



Thursday, April 16, 2009

A-1 Balloon & Searchlight Rental,Cold-Air Inflatable’s, Searchlights, LED Signs, Swooper Flags, Cloudbusters,, Airdancers, Digitally Printed Banners, Pennant Lines,www.a1balloonrental.com or www.giantballoonrental.com,407-354-2300

A-1 Balloon & Searchlight Rental is the place to go for all your outdoor advertising needs. We specialize in many products, such as: Cold-Air Inflatable's, Searchlights, LED Signs, Swooper Flags, Cloudbusters,, Airdancers, Digitally Printed Banners, Pennant Lines, and MUCH MORE!!!!!


Summer time is moving in on us and that means you should increase your advertising!! Summer brings tourists and that means with the right products your traffic could increase dramatically. We offer an inexpensive way of doing that.  


If you're having a night event you could try one of our searchlights! We have 4 beams, 3 beams, 2 beams, and single beams. All of which will be sure to attract the passing on lookers from miles!!!


Our LED Signs are another fun and creative way to attract more business!! To take a look at all of our products just visit www.a1balloonrental.com or www.giantballoonrental..com

To make sure we have your product available call us in advance at 407-354-2300. We serve all of Florida!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Giant Cold Air Inflatables, Searchlights, LED Signs, Airdancers, Helium Balloons, Banners, 407-354-2300

Summers coming here shortly and it is time to start advertising for summer sales! Our most popular balloon right now is our 30 ft GORILLA !  You should call 407-354-2300 and book him today! Our new LED SIGNS are growing ever popular! You can advertise for every sale your having. You can use them for big events to welcome your guests. They are electronically programmable and catch the attention of many!!!! Try them out and book one for your store or event!!! Having a night time event and want to make it unique or need to grab some attention try one of our SEARCHLIGHTS. We have many to choose from and we will deliver one to you no matter where in Florida you live. We are now able to customize your BANNER to exactly the way you want it!!!!!!
You can also enjoy many of our other products for your advertising needs!
Penant Lines
Helium Balloons
Swooper Flags
We service all of the following cities:
Ft. Myers
St. Augustine
and many more..........................................
Please visit our website at www.a1balloonrental.com, www.giantballoonrental.com, or www.skytrackerfla.com. You can also call us at 407-354-2300.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

407-354-2300 www.a1balloonrental.com Searchlight & LED Trailer Sign and cloud busters and pennant flags advertising balloons

With a new year here we have a lot of new exciting rentals! We now have 2 beam skytrackers and 4 beam skytrackers. We have LED signs! New Banners! There is so much to rent these are just a few!
led signs
arrow signs
advertising balloons
flutter flags
Customize everthing! You can take a look at our products by going to www.a1balloonrental.com
We service all of Florida including, but not limited to the following:
St. Augustine
Ft. Lauderdale
Palm Beach
Just give us a call ar 407-354-2300 and ask about our great deals!!!!!