Thursday, October 6, 2011

West Palm Beach was ROCKING Last night from the skytracker spotlight 407-354-2300

HEY JOHN did you see those spotlights we have in West Palm Florida last night.  We were bringing  them in from that critical couple miles around the outdoor event.  They were coming in like flies headed to that blue bug zapper.   They were mezmorised and awe struck to watch the clover leaf patter patented by skytracker searchlights.  When the lights were rented and A1 Balloon and Searchlight Rental set them up we received comments about being early not just ontime!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Go figure that some mom and pop guys show up late?   West palm beach is one of my favorite places to relax when we are working at night.  You can just sit outside at a restraunte and watch the lights go round and round.  The business that rented the lights are happy from all the business and were happy for having another repeat customer call us because he knows we have the best searchlights and the BEST PRICE GUARANTEE!!  When the show was over and we were headed back to Orlando Florida i smiled that we are growing and still we are the biggest searchlight company in the Southeast USA.  Mabey in the Country?  
Give us a call because we will treat you with respect and get you the lights you need.  We will not call you last minute and say sorry someone else offered me a little more money to rent your light!  We don't have a couple lights!! We have MANY SKYTRACKER SEARCHLIGHTS and have done Basicaly every professional sports teams in Florida.  From Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, St Pete, Clearwater, St lucie, palm coast, Daytona, Deland, Deltona and sanford.  No mickey mouse company here.  Call and find out why   407-354-2300

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