Thursday, October 6, 2011

Last Friday we killed it in Jackosnvile florida with skytracker spotlights advertising 407-354-2300

Last friday we were downtown jacksonville fl with our searchlight advertising and just blew the doors off the place.  The promoter said that last time he had a person saying he had searchlights and came in a van and pulled out of the van a couple lights and some extension cords and was setting up!!!   The promoter asked where were the skytracker search lights and he didn't want these toys.
Long story short we got another customer for life after he was tricked into renting some plug in lights sitting on the ground.  This was just another success story for us in an awesome city like Jacksonville Fl.
If you have any doubts like what will you get when we show up or what type of lights we will bring just look on our website at WWW.a1balloonrental.com and these are not photoshopped out the wazoo pictures.  We willl also go to Tampa, Miami, Melbourne, West Palm Beach, Ocala, Orlando!!!! Georgia is also not a problem.  We will service your event like we put up the money and we will make this thing a success!!!  No van, no phone gimmicks, no lies about how big we are just real facts about our skytrackers search light and we put our money in the lights to let you rent because this is what we are about in central florida and georgia.    Plus if you want a single beam because of budget we have more of those than anyone else in Florida.  Plus BEST PRICE GUARANTEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 407-354-2300

A-1 Giant Balloon & Searchlights
Phone 407-354-2300
Fax 407-352-0409


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